A Gourmet Thyme Too

A Gourmet Thyme ShortbreadWe're excited to bring you the unique flavors of A Gourmet Thyme products, the creation of a couple of local food professionals with 36 years of experience. For 19 years, Donna Cavannaugh has been a local catering expert while Bonnie Alton as spent 17 years building Great Harvest Bread Company in St. Paul. A Gourmet Thyme has become a creative outlet for them to explore unique creations like their Cayenne Shortbread and Spicy Walnuts, both of which you’ll find at your neighborhood Kowalski’s.

A Gourmet Thyme's Shortbreads are a great base for your favorite cheese and a simple way to entertain guests. The small size and unique flavors makes this product perfect to use for appetizers or desserts. The varieties we offer are Pistachio and the savory Cayenne.