Giving Back

As a local family-owned business, Kowalski's Markets has been active in the communities we serve and is always excited to partner with you in your fundraising efforts. We've literally tried hundreds of different programs over the years and have settled on the following programs to help local organizations with their fundraising needs:

Kowalski's 4 Kids

Kowalski's 4 KidsKowalski's 4 Kids is a private, nonprofit foundation to benefit children. The Kowalski family developed this foundation over 20 years ago to help children by providing program funding, educational opportunities and family support. Every year we hold our annual charity golf tournament. Our major sponsors are our vendors and partners. All proceeds raised through our golf tournament are put into our Kowalski's 4 Kids Foundation. Proceeds from the golf tournament have been contributed to Sharing & Caring Hands, Hazelden Youth Group and other organizations that help kids at risk. The Kowalski family will continue to invest their time, energy and resources as well as partner with others in their communities to create opportunities for kids at risk.

Groceries for Good Causes

Kowalski's has donated over 1.5 million dollars to local charities through our Groceries for Good Causes (GFGC) program. The intent of GFGC is to help the community directly surrounding each store. It is meant to help nonprofit organizations like schools, churches, food shelves, youth support groups and Animal Humane Societies, to name a few. These local organizations then use the funds to help others. The program is simple: customers place their receipts in labeled boxes at the front of the store. A donation is made quarterly based on the total number of receipts collected in each charity's box. This allows us to direct our charitable giving to the local organizations that matter most to our local customers. Contact your store manager to have a box allocated to your nonprofit. You'll get a check each quarter.

Group Fundraisers

Many teams or youth groups have become "carry-outs for a day" at their local Kowalski's Markets. The program is simple: we make a donation to your nonprofit organization when your group comes in and carries out groceries for a few hours. Your nonprofit can take advantage of any of these opportunities by contacting the store manager at the Kowalski's Market in your community.

Gift Cards

We offer nonprofits a discount on our gift cards based on the volume of cards purchased. The nonprofit then sells the gift cards at face value and keeps the difference. This program has been very successful with churches, sports organizations and clubs.

Supporting The Arts

Your music group can perform in our stores and receive a monetary donation.

5¢ Bag Credit

When you bring in your own reusable grocery bags, Kowalski's will give you a nickel per bag. You then have the option to donate the money to the local food shelf. All proceeds go to a good cause in your local community.

Supporting The Food Shelf

Second Harvest HeartlandWe've partnered with Second Harvest Heartland's Food Shelf for over 25 years to make sure all of our day-old product ends up in the hands of those in need. We were the first grocery retailer to partner with Second Harvest and have donated over 1 million meals. Their fleet of trucks travels nearly half a million miles a year, picking up food donations and delivering them to local food shelves, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, senior community centers and children's after-school programs. Acceptable food that is not able to be donated is sorted and sent to Endres Processing in Rosemount, MN to be made into animal feed.

We look forward to supporting the many organizations throughout the community and thank you for shopping at Kowalski's Market.