How It Works

Good Foods for Good Health logo

It's simple. Look for the Good Foods for Good Health logo (shown at right). It's in every corner of the store. All sorts of fresh and packaged foods are highlighted with GFFGH tags and signs because they have the right mix of nutrients to support your good health.

We also want to help you find the foods you want that can make for the healthiest you.

Look for "Good For You!" notecards in our aisles and on our shelves. They give you easy tips for how to select the most healthful (and delicious) breads, cereals, pasta sauces, yogurts and more.

Good For You! Card  Good For You! Card

Check out our "Good News" cards. Based on what's new in nutrition research, our "Good News" cards offer upbeat, positive things you can do to be well.

Grab our "Tips and Tricks" cards. Our food specialists and culinary team share their shortcuts and food ideas to make your kitchen sing, simply and seamlessly.

Check out our Good Foods for Good Health classes. Throughout the year we offer great opportunities to taste, see and learn about a dazzling array of good-tasting, good-for-you foods.

Send us a note. If you have a nutrition question, want some ideas for eating healthfully or are simply wondering if we can get a special food, contact our resident dietitian, Sue Moores.