People Say the Nicest Things

I really enjoy the shopping experience at your Eagan Market. The food quality is by far the best in our area; and your people are extremely helpful. When I have questions as to which fish would be best to grill, they not only recommend the type of fish, but related seasonings and side dishes. The recipes card selections at the entrance help me "complete" my shopping list. Thank you for your wonderful service.
— Terry F.

Thank you for the great organic selection you provide. It's made you my favorite place to shop! I've NEVER had an issue with organic lettuce purchased at any Kowalski's being full of sand or grit and needing to be thoroughly re-cleaned, and consistently have had this problem with other grocers. I always wish I'd gone to Kowalski's instead!!
— Cynthia D.

We have tried fresh fish, King Crab, etc. from several other grocers. Their prices are lower, but the taste is not anywhere as great as we get from you. Same for other meats you sell. We really appreciate the care and attention you pay to bring great foods to market.
— James H.

The ambiance and experience at Kowalski's is unparalleled in the have really provided a niche market that takes the drudgery out of grocery shopping. Thank you for your dedication to quality!
— Jill

I received some awesome customer service today at your St. Paul Grand Ave location! Your staff went above and WAY beyond the call of duty to help me. Thank you to Kowalski's for empowering employees to provide great service to customers. Thank you again for a great experience!
— Katherine N.

A big thank you goes to Kowalski's for carrying the special products that some customers need and want. Many of my family follow the gluten-free lifestyle due to celiac disease and gluten intolerance; and it is very much appreciated that the store carries many of the products we need. Kowalski's continues to carry quality products and that certainly shows in the gluten-free products as well. Also, I find integrating the gluten-free products helpful and time-saving. Thanks for caring!
— Jennifer

I just wanted to say how useful the nutrition brochures are that are available at your stores. I recently found out I needed to pay more attention to feeding my bones, and the brochure about bone strength was very helpful and well written. Thank you for making this type of info available right where shopping happens!
— Lisa S.

I ordered a gift card for my sister and am so impressed - no added charges, no postage charges and best of all it came to me to stick in her birthday card with the most beautiful handwriting on the envelope and inside a handwritten thank you! Who does that but a store like Kowalski's! When I travel up to Eden Prairie to visit I always have to stop in....a wonderful place! You have exceeded my expectations again!
— Margaret H.

I love your store in Woodbury and the staff is outstanding. The store is always in perfect order and the selection of products is superb. I have enjoyed trying your private label merchandise and have become very pleased with all I have tried. The offers you send out monthly to try a new item are the best I have tasted! Keep up the good job!
— A new and loyal customer, Norman T.

I couldn't go home for the weekend without telling you about my new Kowalski's obsession. The sushi vegetable roll with brown rice is so good that I've had it twice this week. I made the mistake of bringing some to the office yesterday and sharing it with a couple of folks...who are now hooked on it. We made a run to the Grand Avenue store today to get a couple of trays for afternoon treats. YUM. Thanks for all the delicious things that you tuck away into those stores of yours!
— Carol A.

I couldn't let today go by without sending you a note of Thanks. I visited your Kowalski's location last week to inquire about cupcakes to celebrate our upcoming 5 Year Birthday at our Woodbury business, Primrose School of Woodbury. I told your bakery staff that I was looking for something unique to give to each child and family to celebrate our special day. The young lady who helped me suggested cupcakes and told me the bakery could do all kinds of things. I showed her a picture of our mascot – Percy the Rooster! She told me she could pipe Percy onto each cupcake! I was amazed, especially when she told me how affordable it would be. She told me her schedule for that day, to be sure I would stop back while she was still working so we could continue to work together. I brought her back photos, a few, just in case.

I picked up my cupcakes and cake on Monday! AMAZING! My families and students at Primrose School loved picking their favorite Primrose character to dive into! The cupcakes looked terrific and tasted even better!

I actually visited another, small bakery, thinking that what I wanted was so custom it couldn't be done by a full-service grocery store. I'm SO happy I came back to Kowalski's and checked in with your Bakery Department. Not only did I get exactly what I envisioned, the cupcakes were affordable and delicious!

Kudos to your team! Thank you for making our Birthday special.
— Tonya, Owner of Primrose School of Woodbury

I gotta tell you, I bought some sweet corn and I didn't have great expectations so early in the season. Wow, I was so surprised - the corn was as good as local corn in late July! We bought more two days later, and that was yummy, too! Wherever you're getting it from, you're doing a great job keeping it fresh. Thanks, we'll be back.
— Julie K.

We'd just like to send a quick note of praise to the Produce Department team at your Eagan location. Bob, Mike and Deb are always personable and professional in their interactions with us. The produce is first rate and as a couple who eats a 98% plant based diet, we are very selective about our vegetable/fruit choices. The presentation is always beautiful and on a recent visit with my parents from out of town, my father was so impressed that he had to share with Deb his thoughts on the display, variety and quality of the products available. Even later in the day he was still commenting on how great the department looked.

Kowalski's Eagan is our first choice for all of our shopping, and we encourage everybody that we know to visit your store and become a regular shopper. Keep up the great service experience.
— Ray L.

I would like to just say Thank You to your staff at the Eagan Kowalski's. At Christmas, I ordered two cakes (they were unbelievably delicious). I have ordered from your bakery before and always gotten the friendliest and knowledgeable ladies to help me select just the right dessert. And another lady that day from the deli came out and spent a considerable amount of time with me answering my questions. And just last week the checkout lady, Eileen, was so nice--I just purchased a small dessert for my daughter's birthday that day and asked where I could get balloons and she so kindly gave me a bunch of them that were hanging by the register. Wow---you just don't get service like that everyday or from anywhere. So Thank You for having the best, most friendliest and professional staff in the Twin Cities area.
— Michaeleen B.

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your produce staff at your Eagan location. They customized several fruit baskets for us a week before Christmas. The baskets were beautiful and ready for me to pick up, exactly when they said they would be ready. I wanted you to know that your customer service in all your stores is noticed by me.
— Chris F.

I stopped at your store [over the holidays] to purchase a few items and decided to eat your awesome Chicken Wild Rice Soup in the dining area of your store, and had the delightful experience of hearing the wonderful choir singing Christmas carols while I enjoyed the soup. Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience for hungry, tired Christmas shoppers. It made my day!
— Marlene H.

We are visiting our son from the UK at Christmas who now lives in Oakdale. We last visited in 2008 and one of the highlights of our last visit was a trip to Kowalski's! He knew that we would love the beautiful, tasteful atmosphere of your store and he was right. Your staff were so so helpful and friendly. I expect that I will have to do all the Christmas cooking whilst visiting and we shall DEFINITELY be visiting on Christmas eve as I shall need your help in order to get a little rest from the kitchen!!! Wish I could bundle you all up and bring you back to the UK. God bless you all and thanks in grateful anticipation. SEE YOU SOON!
— Joyce B.

I just wanted to compliment the Woodbury store on their great service yesterday! I ran in for "just a bag of potatoes," found a great recipe in the foyer and then had to go on a search for a complimentary meat. Having entered the store in a pretty bad mood, I had no intention of striking up a conversation and just wanted to get back home. However, when I entered the Meat Department, I was greeted by Darryl. He was so friendly, genuine and helpful. I quickly found myself in a good mood after having such a positive interaction. In fact, I decided to keep walking around the store and ended up with a basket full of delicious food. I was greeted quickly by the cashier, and it was nice that the older gentleman bagging my groceries insisted on carrying my groceries. The trip to your Woodbury store last night was extremely positive and I'm reminded of why I shop there.
— Shannon Z.

My family and I recently visited two of your stores, one in Eden Prairie and the other in Eagan. We haven't shopped at your grocery before. Honestly, we just stopped at the Eden Prairie store to get out of the heat during a soccer tournament. We were so impressed with the selection of products, in particular the wide variety of salad dressings! My Mom has a limited diet due to diabetes and kidney disease and has a tough time finding new food items to add flavor to her often bland choices. She walked out of there with a variety of 6 bottles and a smile. I also stopped into the Eagan store after work one day looking for dinner ideas. The service at your deli was stellar and the wings and potatoes I took home were a hit! So, thank you for the alternative to "big box" shopping, for stocking a wide variety of healthy foods and some pretty awesome employees! I will definitely be stopping in again and again.
— Amy F.

Cub and Costco are so big and have nothing I want. Your stores are small and have everything I want.
— A White Bear Lake Customer

I recently held a special thank-you party for all my friends and associates who supported me during my two years of Nursing School. I wanted to enjoy the day, so I purchased Kowalski's deli trays and had everything delivered just a couple of hours before my guests started to arrive. Everything was perfect!! I couldn’t have asked for anything more lovely to set out on my special day. I know everyone enjoyed the food because 35 people attended and there was hardly anything left over even though I purchased enough for 50! I received many compliments on the taste and appearance of everything, and I was happy to say that Kowalski's created it all. The Sushi and Endive trays were particular hits, but there was very little of anything left over!

Anyway, the purpose of my note, in addition to complimenting Kowalski's on the service and quality food, is to express my gratitude to everyone at the Oak Park Heights store who helped to make this very special event so wonderful and successful. Whenever I shop at the store, I am always greeted warmly and receive great customer service in every department. I must admit, that although I am a frequent shopper, it is always nice to be remembered. It is a tribute to store and the culture of service that Kowalski's promotes. The management team must go out of their way to find, retain, and support their employees to make it all happen.
— Joanne A.

I am a local shopper and supporter of Kowalski's. I choose to shop at your stores because I appreciate the service and top notch products. I want to thank you for the outstanding service that I frequently receive in the Meat Dept. There is a young man who works nights in your Meat Dept. When I see him there I know I can ask questions and he gives great advice. He has yet to do me wrong! His suggestions are always the best!!! I always stop and buy something if he is working. As a single woman, I choose to pay a little extra to get a little extra and I frequently find this at your store. Thank you to him and to the work you all do at Kowalski's!
— Maureen D.

My local Kowalskis, which is a mere three blocks from me, is awesome. It's a tad small, but it gets the job done, and I always find interesting and tasty-sounding things there. Pretty much all of the grocery stores here in the TC are awesome, but Kowalski's has really won me over as my neighborhood grocer.
— A Hennepin Market Customer

Today was my first day venturing into your Eden Prairie location, and I was absolutely amazed. Thank you so much for an excellent shopping experience. Your staff was extremely courteous and our experience was great!
— Justin W.

I had the privilege of attending a Kowalski's new employee orientation as an Opportunity Partners Job Coach for a new stakeholder hired for your Uptown Store. I was much impressed by Tina, your HR Staff and Trainer, as she welcomed, oriented and presented the Kowalski's philosophy and story. It's exciting to see the corporate attitudes extend to every area of the organization, from the initial interview with Kyle all the way through.

Opportunity Partners is grateful for your willingness to see "beyond Kate's barriers" to allow another person with some challenges to employment become gainfully employed. Thanks for your vision and commitment to the community!
— Rick G.

Oh my! Who ever expected to have a drip-proof honey container? I recently picked up your Kowalski's brand honey, and what a pleasant surprise to use it today and find that there was no mess. Leave it to Kowalski's to find the perfect producer and take care of these minor things that really do make a difference. Thank you. Thank you. Whenever I am in the Cities (which is often) I try to make Kowalski's part of the journey. Thanks for being there and providing such great service and quality products. You are the best!
— Curt G.

St. Louis isn't too far away from your HQ...really! But, seriously, I love your store. Fabulous selection of packaged and prepared foods, beautiful produce and amazing service. My family in Woodbury now joke that I don't really come up to MN to visit them, I come for a Kowalski's fix! Our local markets, Schnucks and Dierbergs, are very good, but sadly neither comes close to matching your wide selection of just about everything. See you in June when I drop my son off for camp.
— Your #1 fan in MO, Carla F.

Bless your wonderful cheese expert, Dexa, at the White Bear Lake store. She always leads us to wonderful finds. She has a little basket of small pieces so those of us on a family budget can try the really good stuff. On Tuesday, she sent me away with a sample of a special treat. Our dear dog had died the day before and, without knowing it, she brightened my day when I really needed it. Thank you!
— Jennifer

Thank you! Thank you for increasing the vegan options such as vegan "cheese," seitan, tofurky and Amy's products among others. I am a vegan and am so happy I can shop more at Kowalski's!
— Nancy M.

Just want to let you know what a great team you have at the Parkview store. They are always super friendly, go out of the way to find something if it isn't out on the floor as well as listen to a suggestion. For example, I suggested rather than the quinoa tabouli from Holy Land that wasn't moving, get the traditional. Bam...two days later there it was. Anyway, I've lived in this neighborhood for over 35 years and have shopped at every brand grocery that was there, and you are light years ahead of all of them. I could go on, but suffice to say, we love having you in our neighborhood!
— Lorraine T.

I want to share the excellent service I received at the White Bear Lake store. I was looking for a product that you normally carry. It happened to be out at this particular store. I needed it by Friday morning. Your Grocery Manager tried to order it from the vendor, however the delivery was delayed one day. He had someone pick the product up at another store, deliver it to the store close to me and kept it in the office for me to pick up. He also kept me informed by phone so I knew what was going on and that he hadn't forgotten about me. I just want to give him the credit he deserves for some fantastic service.
— Jackie C.

I wanted to thank you and compliment you on the great customer service that your store and staff provide. Over the years we had been diehard Byerly's customers. We tried your store in Lakeville, but were not impressed with the staff and service. It has been a totally different experience at the Eagan store. All the staff has been very friendly and helpful. One of the things we really appreciate is that we have requested to have you stock certain items and you have provided us with everything that we have requested. We thank you very much. It appears that each time we go to your store it gets busier and busier. We are really happy to see this and hope that your business continues to be successful and that we can be long term customers.
— Richard and Judith

Dear Kowalski Family,

My 100-year-old mother and I were shopping at your Eden Prairie store. We had a pleasant conversation with an employee in the Produce Department who, when I mentioned that my Mom was 100, was amazed. (She could easily pass for 80.) He said he had never spoken with anyone who was 100! Shortly afterwards, as we continued shopping, Mom was delightfully surprised to be presented with a $20 Kowalski gift certificate. She was thrilled.

We are so grateful for this extremely thoughtful gesture. It is, though, indicative of the exemplary courtesy of your employees - courtesy which reflects your family, your outstanding stores, your philosophy and management.

I frequently shop at your Lyndale store, and Mom and I shop together at your Eden Prairie store. Mom still lives in her own condo and loves to grocery shop - especially in your beautiful stores. Since for 20 years she had a lovely gift shop in Hastings she is a great admirer of how artistically your store are presented.

The Twin Cities are very fortunate to have the Kowalski's! Our most sincere thanks for the gift certificate.
— Mary

I just wanted to let you know that the last few times I've been in Woodbury Kowalski's has been an absolutely wonderful customer service experience. Cashiers are waiting for customers and greeting us when not busy; they are pleasant in ringing up our orders and caring about what we purchase; staff greet customers and seem happy we are there; the baggers and carryout helpers are so thoughtful about meeting our needs - I thought as I left the store this last time that visiting the store left me feeling like shopping was a pleasant experience, providing a few moments of comfort during these tumultuous times. Good for you for helping to create those moments for us.
— Katherine

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful stores. I live in New York City, but when I land in MPLS my first and last stop is always Kowalski's on Lyndale Avenue!! My family always knows where to find me! Your staff all knows me now and acknowledges me like a friend...they are great too! My favorite store! I'll be there again soon! Other people say OHH MPLS?? Go to the Mall of America!! I say Go to Kowalski's!!!! Thanks for being there for me!
— Jane

I placed a relatively large order for appetizers at the Lyndale store for a party that I had last week. Every appetizer was beyond my expectations: beautiful, fresh and delicious. I called the store directly to let them know how happy I was with the products. The Lyndale store rocks, no question.
— Cheryl

I have (re)discovered what a customer-friendly place Kowalski's is. Yes, they unload it, pack it, tote it out to the car and load it into the trunk. Yes, more expensive. But wonderful produce, meat, bakery and best ever cheeses. Kudos, Kowalski's.
— Barbara

I wanted to send a giant thanks to your Eden Prairie location. I was shopping in the Produce Department when my 4-year-old son suddenly vomited right there in the aisle. I quickly moved him into the corner by an emergency exit and ran to the nearest employee, who happened to be a butcher. I asked him for towels to clean up the situation. I ran back to mypeople son. Seconds later, the butcher was there with towels offering to clean up the mess himself...GROSS. I was so thankful for the towels, but insisted on cleaning it up. I did so and very shortly the janitor was there with more clean towels and escorted me into the back room to have a sink to clean ourselves up. It was a mother's worst nightmare, and thank God I was in Kowalski's. Your staff was so kind and attentive. They even said "we have all been there," which made me feel much better. Thank you so much for your welcoming, kind and very attentive staff!!
— Jaime and my puking son Charlie

The staff at the Eden Prairie store are the best of the best. I had car trouble earlier this summer - hot day, over $200 of groceries including very expensive meat in my car, and the battery died. I went back into the store, spoke to the manager and asked if the store had any jumper cables. "No" was the response and I wouldn't have expected any different - Kowalski's is a grocery store, not a service station. However, one of the cashiers said he had them and said he could help me out - which he did and I was on my way home, groceries intact and one very happy customer. Who knew I could go to my favorite grocery store for all sorts of great food stuffs AND get my car serviced at the same time!!! Now that's going above and beyond. It's important to me to spend money with locally owned businesses, and it's always a joy to spend it at Kowalski's just because of the OUTSTANDING customer service. My thanks to your team at the Eden Prairie store - they do your store proud and truly make Kowalski's the place to shop. Make sure you keep them happy - happy employees make for happy customers, and I'm proof of that!
— Michele

Thank you, Kowalski's, for your support of Education here in the city of Minneapolis. Your staff at the Lyndale store was very generous with their time on behalf of the students on their recent field trip. At Risen Christ Catholic School, students are learning about business and future employment opportunities through the award winning Imagine the Possibilities program. The students were genuinely impressed. Thank you for your support!
— Jerry F.