Daniel's Fire Roast

Daniel's Fire Roast Salsa

For Dan, making salsa was born out of a love for cooking. He would frequently make salsa in the summertime, picking most of the ingredients out of his own garden and fire-roasting his own tomatoes and peppers right on the grill in his backyard. This led to him learning the process of canning. After going through 100 pints by mid-winter in his first year just from sharing his recipe with family and friends, he knew he had created something special.

Salsa lovers everywhere thought so, too. Daniel's Fire Roast Salsa went on to win multiple 1st Place finishes and 15 National Awards for Excellence, including 5 Professional Scovie Awards and 10 awards at America's Zesty Best Food Competition.

Key to this salsa's unique flavor is that Dan still uses fresh ingredients and fire-roasted tomatoes in his recipe, just as he did when he made it at home in his own kitchen. This results in a fresh salsa with a succulent, smoky taste.

"There is really no substitute for fresh ingredients," says Dan. When he first began the process of moving production from his kitchen to a packing facility, many people in the industry strongly advised him to use frozen onions, canned peppers, dried cilantro, etc., as a way to save costs and ensure consistency. Wanted to know for sure, Dan made dozens of test batches using different ingredients from across the country.

"But what I realized after all of the testing was something I already knew," Dan said. "Fresh is just better. Period. I am not out to make the cheapest salsa out there, and I am not interested in consistency if it means consistently mushy."

As salsa lovers and as a company that shares the same philosophy, we couldn't be happier with Dan's decision to keep using the freshest quality ingredients available in his product. We're proud to offer Daniel's Fire Roast Salsas in Mild, Medium and Hot in our markets.