Heritage Deli Provisions

Boar's Head Sliced Meat and Cheeses

Heritage Deli Provisions is our local distributor for Boar’s Head premium deli products. Owner Joe Mifsud, Jr. is a second-generation Boar’s Head Distributor, having worked alongside his father serving the mom-and-pop delis of Manhattan for 30 years. Joe’s passion for the business led him to Minnesota where he’s been able to establish his own distributorship of the highly acclaimed Boar’s Head Brand.

Like Kowalski’s, Joe focuses on being a resource to his clients and providing unparalleled customer service. Together we bring you Boar’s Head deli meats, cheese and condiments that are simply the best you’ll find.

Boar's Head is well known for their exceptional products that use only the highest quality ham, turkey, roast beef, chicken and artisan cheeses. All are made to standards rarely found in the deli business today. "We wouldn't put anything in our products that you wouldn't put on your own table," they assure. Taste the Boar's Head difference with our meats and cheeses sliced to order in our Deli Department.