NorthStar Bison

NorthStar Bison is a family owned and operated business in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. It was birthed in September 1994 with the purchase of two young bison from Bluemound State Park in Luverne, Minnesota, to fulfill a life-long dream. In pursuit of learning how to raise and produce the highest quality of meat, they realized that 100% grass-fed bison was the best all around – good for land, good for the animals and good for people. When the animals are raised on grass, their meat is packed full of nutrients in the perfect proportion for good health, in a form that can be easily assimilated by the human body. To this day, NorthStar raises their bison the natural way, from birth to plate, on 100% native grasses and without chemicals, hormones or grain...ever. The result is tender, flavorful bison lower in fat and high in protein and essential fatty acids.

Besides ensuring that the animals receive a healthy, varied diet of grass and meadow plants, NorthStar takes extra measures to keep the bison in a very low stress, natural environment. They are free to roam and are rotationally grazed so they move just like a wild bison herd. When it comes time for harvesting the bison, a humane "field kill" method is used to minimize any stress at the time of slaughter. This helps to preserve the tenderness and sweetness in the meat. Because NorthStar also owns their processing plant, they can ensure that the animals are safely handled and in line with their high quality standards.