Sonny's Ice Cream

Sonny's Ice Cream Pints

Sonny's Ice Cream has been a Twin Cities favorite for over 60 years. Customers of Sonny's say that they can always tell the difference between a Sonny's scoop and other ice creams because of the rich, natural taste of Sonny's Ice Cream. Perhaps it's because Sonny's only uses high-quality, all-natural ingredients in their award-winning ice cream. For instance, to make their Fresh Banana ice cream, they use organic bananas that are perfectly ripe and mash them into layers of sweet cream. No artificial flavors are used.

Sonny's has become legendary and has won dozens of local and national awards, including a feature on the Food Network. Their authentic Spumoni has gained nation-wide popularity, which is why it's served in fine restaurants all around the country and sold in upscale markets like Kowalski's.