Thousand Hills Grass-Fed Beef

Thousand Hills Cattle Co.Thousand Hills Cattle Co., located in Cannon Falls, MN, has been providing delicious, healthy, humane and sustainable beef for years. The cattle are humanely raised on free-range family farms (not shut in crowded, confined concrete feedlots) and are 100% grass fed with no hormones or antibiotics ever administered. This ensures a cleaner, safer beef that is superior in overall quality and contains less cholesterol and saturated fat than grain-fed beef. Thousand Hills' premium-quality meat production system is "Source Verified," meaning that we have records detailing where each steer or heifer was born and raised and have certification that the farming practices used conform to our exact specifications.

Because Thousand Hills' cattle are not fed corn and grains to speed growth, are not confined and get plenty of exercise, their meat has less fat marbling. The fat that is present, however, is extremely nutritious and higher in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Grass-fed beef also offers a "beefier" taste and is tender and juicy when prepared properly. Once you try it you will know why we fell in love with it and are happy to partner with such a great company.