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Our Culinary Specialist

Kowalski's Culinary Specialist Rachael Perron

Contact Rachael Perron - Rachael Perron is the Culinary Director at Kowalski’s Companies. A passionate and award-winning private chef and artist, Rachael writes and tests recipes for Kowalski’s and serves as Editor-in-Chief of At Home with Kowalski's and "In Touch with Kowalski's." She works with market chefs and advises departmental directors about emerging trends in foods and flavors in addition to working with them to promote and educate customers about their products.

A former culinary consultant and owner of Details Private Chef Services, Rachael is also the author of four cookbooks. She loves to write and talk almost as much as she loves to cook, hosting regular culinary classes and appearing as a recurring guest on local television. She has been featured numerous times in local and national lifestyle and industry magazines.

Rachael is a self-taught culinary professional who grew up in the food business. Her professional experience includes work at a restaurant and B&B outside Florence, Italy, where she honed her specialty for updated and simply elegant regional home-kitchen classics that are fresh, flavorful and easy to prepare. Rachael enjoys writing recipes that are both perfect for entertaining, but simple and substantial enough for everyday. Her professionalism, positive energy and enthusiasm for all things delicious are infectious.

Rachael lives in White Bear Lake with her husband Jerry and their two school-age children.

Our Wine Specialist

Kowalski's Wine Specialist Brian MailleContact Brian Mallie - Brian Mallie, Kowalski's knowledgeable wine specialist, moved to Minnesota to attend grad school and worked in several well-known restaurants in town. During this time, he became interested in wine through trainings provided for the staff and ended up leaving school to follow his passion. Having worked for some of the Twin Cities' largest and most innovative wine retail companies, Brian comes to Kowalski's with an extensive knowledge of both local and national wine suppliers and their inventories.

"It is not unusual to have sampled close to a thousand wines in a month as I search for quality wines to bring to my customers," said Brian. "This gives me the expertise to select wines in a wide price range to satisfy the taste and budget of every wine shopper. This is my dream job, and I can't imagine doing anything else."

Our Nutrition Specialist

Kowalski's Nutritionist Sue Moores, M.S., R.D.Contact Sue Moores - Sue Moores is a registered dietitian who's "all in" on helping people understand how foods affect health and how to use that understanding to live a better life. She offers a practical approach to good health while never losing sight of the big picture – enjoying the great taste of good food.

Sue holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in food science and nutrition. For six years she served as a national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. She fields numerous media requests each year to comment on food and health topics and is an advisor to the University of Minnesota's graduate and undergraduate nutrition programs. She also developed the Good Foods for Good Health™ program for Kowalski’s Markets to help guide shoppers on positive things they can do to eat well.

Need ingredient information for navigating a food allergy? Looking for sound information on a specific health issue? Curious which food(s) are beneficial for certain health interests? Unsure what to make of the latest Dr. Oz tips? Sue will be happy to answer your nutrition questions!