Catering By Kowalski's

Our goal at Catering By Kowalski's is to deliver the same high-quality products and customer service that you see in each of our Twin Cities Kowalski’s Markets to your special occasions. Whether you are entertaining in your home or celebrating life’s special events, we will provide everything you need to make your event tasteful and memorable. Browse the following pages for more information about our catering services in Minneapolis and St. Paul:

Catering by Kowalski’s proves that food can be classic yet inventive, down to earth yet chic, simple yet visually pleasing. Our cuisine is an experience for the senses. Each dish is crafted with our unique culinary vision and a lively sense of creativity. Using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients available, our food remains loyal to the natural flavors and textures of these ingredients. Chefs on staff are always creating fresh flavors that highlight our innovative approach to good food done well.

Mindful Catering

We care deeply about where our ingredients come from and how they are produced. Our local connection is extremely important when it comes to bringing you the freshest meats and produce in the marketplace. Whenever possible, we pick produce from the best local growers to ensure fruits and vegetables that are superior in quality and always at the peak of their freshness. Our meats contain no added hormones or antibiotics – ever.

Just wanted to say what a fantastic job you all did! The food was fantastic, the presentation impeccable, and our coordinator was amazing! She was so thorough, so patient, so calm and obviously on top of everything! It really helped the rest of us relax and enjoy the event. There were so many nice touches. We also received a lot of compliments on the variety of the food, so many thanks for your kind and expert advice. In short, it was excellent and effortless from start to finish, and we will be calling on your assistance again! Thank you for everything!
Nancy M.