Wonderful, wonderful!! My policy is "Go Kowalski's or just don't go"! The trays were perfect and the delivery was on time.
Cindy G.
Our birthday party was a great success. Kowalski's food (all of it) was wonderfully delicious, we had so many great compliments. The birthday cake was also over the top. Please extend our thanks to the catering team. The delivery went well and your attention to detail with everything needed included. Each of you were so easy to work with. We will certainly recommend each of you for help in planning a party. We had about 120 attending.
Terry F.
THANK YOU for your catering services at our event. Your crew was AWESOME and did a wonderful job! Thanks a million.
Catering by Kowalski's executed a professional event with beautiful and delicious food. Exceeded my expectations that are very high. Beyond fantastic!
Galye H.
Thank you for the wonderful job on our funeral catering. I know it was difficult to add another event to your busy holiday schedule. I was getting concerned about being able to offer something to eat to everyone who came, as friends and family continued to pour into the funeral home for the service. The little girl who passed was only 8, but she touched the lives of many. She had health issues all her life yet she gave love, and more than the family expected came to share condolences in return. As you know, we estimated 75 and when the chapel was overflowing, I asked the funeral director if he could give me a crowd estimate...he told me 110. Somehow, there was enough food for everyone and we even had some leftovers, so I know each person had enough to eat. The food was delicious (as I knew it would be), and everyone especially enjoyed the pasta salad. Thank you again for catering our funeral at such a busy time of the year.
Claudia and the family of Carla Isabel
My aunt and one of my mom's friends hosted a bridal shower brunch for me that was catered by Kowalski's, and I must say I have never seen anything so BEAUTIFUL or TASTEFUL!!!!! Everything was absolutely perfect and breathtaking! Thank you for putting so much effort into making the shower a lasting impression among not only myself but all of my family who attended as well! People were in awe of your talent! Everything I tried (and I tried it all!) was fantastic!!! I love variety, so the miniature dishes were just the right size. I will highly recommend Kowalski's Catering to all! Thanks for the incredible memories! P.S. One of my mom's friends commented, "Well, I have never been to a shower like this before!"
Danielle S.
I recently had a party with some of the appetizers catered by Kowalski's. It was delicious beyond compare. I ordered the meatballs, the Asparagus and Pear Roulade, and the Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Pineapple Skewers. They were OUTSTANDING!!! The trays were delivered on time and totally devoured!! Thanks so much to Kowalski's - my favorite!!!
Phyllis O.
Thanks so much...it was perfect and you guys did an awesome job! Everyone loved the food!! Thanks for making this so easy for me.
You and your staff did an excellent job. I was able to enjoy the evening with our guests because of your thoroughness and professionalism. We will explore using Kowalski's for our future corporate events as well.
Trish J.
Thank you to everyone who helped provide such great service at our party. We really appreciate the consistency in service, and this helps reduce the stress of the organizers. The beautiful weather was an added blessing so that we could be outside with the food and beverage.
Beth V.