Imported Cheese

Specialty CheesesTreat your taste buds to a trip around the world with our local and international collection of cheeses. Let us be your personal tour guide as you learn about the finest cheeses from the four corners of the earth. We'll offer samples and help prepare beautiful cheese trays that cater to your tastes and entertaining needs. Plus, we'll help you pair your cheese selection with artisan breads, gourmet olives and wines that provide the perfect compliment.

Each of our markets is staffed with a super-knowledgeable Cheese Specialist. Besides managing our Cheese Department, they are also our customers' personal "tour guide" to the many cheeses from around the world. They offer samples and help prepare beautiful cheese trays for entertaining. Each Cheese Specialist is a true cheesemonger. They all work together to share suggestions and educate each other so that they can give customers the best advice, recipes and product for a one-stop shopping experience.

Each cheese has a sign that offers valuable information about a cheese's origin, production, milk type (look for the cow, sheep or goat graphic on the card), flavor profile and the wine (and in some cases, beer) ideally suited to its maximum enjoyment.

To get a taste of the knowledge our Imported Cheese specialists have to share, check out our article on How to Build a Cheese Plate, Platter or Board.

Our Specialty Cheese Selection

Specialty Cheese SelectionKowalski's Imported Cheese Department offers a large array of specialty, artisanal and farmstead cheeses from around the world, each hand-cut and wrapped for size and freshness.

Specialty cheese is defined as a cheese of limited production, with particular attention paid to natural flavor and texture profiles. The words "artisan" or "artisanal" implies that a cheese is produced primarily by hand in small batches. Particular attention is paid to the tradition of the cheesemaker's art, thus using as little mechanization as possible in the production of the cheese. These cheeses can be made from all types of milk (cow, sheep, goat) and may include flavorings such as herbs, spices, fruits and nuts. In order for a cheese to be classified as "farmstead" (as defined by the American Cheese Society), the cheese must be made with milk from the farmer's own herd or flock, on the farm where the animal is raised. Milk used in the production of farmstead cheese may not be obtained from an outside source.

Kowalski's Signature Cheeses

Our Signature Products line includes items we have tested ourselves and are proud to put our name on. Our Imported Cheese Department features two of our favorites:

  • Kowalski's Signature Parmesan (Caseificio di Cavola 993) is made with raw cow's milk on 12 small farms in Romana, Italy, and has a fruity, tropical, nutty flavor.
  • Kowalski's Signature Fresh Mozzarella is hand-stretched by our staff. This milky, delicate cheese is fantastic on its own with a pinch of salt or when used as an ingredient in your favorite salad, pasta or pizza!

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