Vom Fass

Vom Fass Oils, Vinegars and SpicesWe invite you to savor the flavor of Europe's finest oils, vinegars and spices at Vom Fass, only at Kowalski's Woodbury Market.

Vom Fass is the German translation for "from the cask." Their mission – "Only the best, always" – is made possible by the European family farms, local co-ops and propriety producers that employ organic and sustainable practices that result in the finest quality products available anywhere in the world. They offer specialty oils from Greece, Spain, Italy and France, including infused oils as well as nut and seed oils.

Vom Fass products are available for you to purchase anytime during Kowalski's store hours. Product experts are on-site daily from 12pm to 5pm, so stop in for a free tasting or for help with choosing the perfect pairing for your appetizers, entrées and desserts. 

As an environmentally conscious company, Vom Fass rewards customers for reusing their bottles with special refill prices. Bring back your empty, clean, dry Vom Fass bottles between 12pm and 5pm and we will be happy to refill your bottle with the product of your choice. (To clean your bottle, give it a good shake with hot, soapy water; rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. We suggest letting the bottle air dry for 2 days prior to refilling.)

Vom Fass Cooking Classes

Join Vom Fass Twin Cities President Tamra Kramer and Chef Susan Denzer in one of their monthly cooking classes held at Kowalski's Woodbury Market. Covering everything from family cooking to heart healthy meals, you're sure to find some new and delicious uses for Vom Fass oils, vinegars and spices in your kitchen.

Vom Fass Cooking Classes from SWCTC on Vimeo.