Grilled Rib-Eye Steaks

In a food processor bowl, process 4 oz. room temperature Gorgonzola cheese and 4 tbsp. softened unsalted butter until smooth. Use a piece of plastic wrap or waxed paper to roll and form butter into a log shape; seal tightly and refrigerate Gorgonzola butter until firm. Grill or broil 4 (1" thick) rib-eye steaks, covered, over medium-high heat, to desired doneness, turning once just past the halfway point in the cooking time (6-8 min. total for rare; 8-10 min. for medium-rare; 10-12 min. for medium). Remove from the grill; season to taste with North Woods Grill Seasoning Blend. Let steaks rest a few minutes, covered. Top with a slice of Gorgonzola butter.

These easy side dish solutions feature fresh, prepared veggies with things like garlic, onion, fresh herbs and butter right in the package. You can microwave/steam or bake them right in the oven-safe container, pour them right into a hot skillet for sautéing, arrange them on a parchment-lined baking sheet for roasting or place larger pieces like potatoes and asparagus in a grill basket for grilling. Find a wide variety of options like Veggie Spaghetti, Mediterranean Blend and Shaved Brussels in the Produce Dept.

Mist or lightly brush one side of 4 slices artisan bread with olive oil, if desired. Grill, oiled side down, directly over a grill heated to medium-high until grill marks form (about 2 min.); turn over and toast other side (about 1 more min.).

Jules Destrooper Butter Waffle Cookies are absolutely the best for those times you really want a waffle cone but maybe not a whole one. They’re perfect topped with a small scoop of ice cream and some fresh berries. Find them in the Grocery Department.

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