Salt: It's Come a Long Way

It used to be that when it came to salt, you had two choices: iodized or kosher. Now the salt section contains many hand-harvested artisan sea salts from around the world. Each variety offers a distinct texture, color and aroma that will make the flavors of your dish pop! Their larger crystals provide attention-getting qualities, as well, that beg to be shown off on your table. For a unique presentation, offer salt in antique salt cellers, decorative ceramic or wooden dishes and let your guests season their food to taste.

Salt Primer

SaltAt Kowalski's we are proud to carry the India Tree line of salts. Indulge your taste buds with these unique salts for a change, and experience the difference in your favorite dishes. (Varieties available vary by store.)

Fleur De Sel De Guerande (Flowers of the Salt)

From Guerande, in Brittany, France, this salt is prized for its delicate, sweet flavor and moist texture. Its microscopic crystals are white and fluffy, like newly fallen snow. Fleur de Sel can be used as a finishing salt, sprinkled over a dish just before serving. It makes an especially elegant table salt when served in individual salt dishes at each place setting.

Alder Smoked Sea Salt

Reminiscent of the Indian potlatch tradition, this salt is smoked for 24 hours over Red Alder until it absorbs the wood's full, rich aroma and flavor. Use to season salmon or halibut.

Brazilian Sea Salt:

Made from sea water captured in shallow ponds and allowed to evaporate naturally by means of sun and wind. It is especially clean because it is collected within an ecosystem that provides natural filtration and purification. This type of salt is perfect for your salt mill and can be used as an all-purpose cooking and table salt. Sea salt is high in salinity and rich in minerals. Remember, when it comes to sea salt, less is more!

Chardonnay Smoked Fleur De Sel

Moist crystals of Fleur de Sel are cool smoked over oak barrels once used to age fine Chardonnay. It lends a whisper of smoke, a hint of Chardonnay and a soft saltiness to mild Asian greens. Combine with green garlic and a pinch of red pepper flakes to season baby bok choy, sprinkle over wilted baby leeks just before serving or use as a finishing salt on everything from salads to chicken, pork, seafood and prime rib.

Red Hawaiian Sea Salt

Red Hawaiian Sea Salt is a traditional mix of Pacific Ocean salt and Hawaiian red clay, called alaea. The clay adds iron oxide and gives this salt its distinctive color and taste. It is especially suited to the grilling or roasting of meat. Use it in rubs for pork and chicken or try it on fresh tomatoes.

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