Dining Al Fresco with Summer Sandwiches

Layered Crêpe Sandwich WedgesAccording to culinary legend, John Montague, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, is responsible for naming the concoction we know as the sandwich. From its simple beginnings, the sandwich has evolved into a dietary staple for many cultures. In Mexico their sandwich is the burrito. The Middle East has the filled pita pocket, and Italy, the calzone. In the United States, the sandwich has become the go-to choice for brown baggers because it is easy to prepare and can go anywhere.

With summer upon us and a more laid back approach to cooking and dining, the sandwich in its many forms becomes the center-of-the-plate for more than just lunch. We've gotten a little creative with a Layered Crêpe Sandwich that would work well for entertaining when paired with a bowl of fresh cut fruit. Our Veggie Wrap is spread with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli, just one of six flavored aioli spreads we are suggesting to add a unique twist to any combination of meat, cheese and bread. The ever popular Panini sandwich is dressed with Kowalski's Artichoke Spread in our recipe for Turkey Artichoke and Spinach Panini. Find links to all these recipes below.

Take inspiration from your favorite fixings, and assemble a sandwich to enjoy as you dine al fresco.

Featured Recipes

Layered Crêpe Sandwich Wedges (pictured above)
Veggie Wrap with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli
Aioli Sauces for Sandwiches
Turkey Artichoke and Spinach Panini

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