Ideas to Get You Out on the Grill

If your grill has been packed away in the garage all winter, it's time to dust it off and bring it out on the deck. Once the snow is gone there's no reason not to! We know you have mastered a good steak and burger, but encourage you to step out a little and try some side dishes along with those center-of-the-plate items.

For something different, we've created a Grilled Radicchio and Green Onion Salad that works nicely in a grill basket. The slightly bitter taste of radicchio is mellowed by grilling and is complemented by the peppery mustard taste of arugula, along with the zesty flavor of feta cheese. Baby red potatoes are accented with fresh fennel that is simply tossed with olive oil and grilled in our Grilled Fennel and Red Potatoes side dish.

Chicken KabobsYou'll discover that grilling brings out the natural sugar in vegetables and really doesn't require a formal recipe. Here are a few tips for creating your own grilled vegetable creations using anything your garden can grow:

  • Most vegetables don't need to be peeled before grilling; just wash them and cut into shapes and sizes convenient for the grill.
  • Use a grill basket so you don't have to turn each piece as it grills.
  • Oil the grill rack, grill basket or vegetables to prevent sticking. There are many flavored oils that will add a unique taste to any vegetable.
  • Cook vegetables until just crisp-tender. The only way to tell if they are done is to taste them!

Start early and take advantage of the warm months ahead. Our Meat and Seafood Departments are full of options for the grill, but we hope you won't stop there. Get creative with grilled vegetable sides as well, and add fresh flavors to your summer meals.

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