Grilling the Perfect Steak

Beef TenderloinSteak is America's favorite food to grill. However, the most common mistake made when grilling steak is overcooking it. Here are a few tips to make your grilling perfect every time.

  • Tender cuts of beef such as sirloin, tenderloin, porterhouse and New York strip are the best for grilling.
  • Preheat the grill to high.
  • Season the steaks on both sides generously with kosher or sea salt and fresh ground cracked black pepper. Apply it both before and after grilling.
  • Arrange steaks on the grate lined up in the same direction. After 2 min., rotate each steak 45°. This creates a diamond pattern on the steak.
  • Continue cooking until beads of blood appear on the surface (about 1-2 min. for a 1/2" thick steak, 3-5 min. for a 1" thick steak and 6-9 min. for a 1-1/2 to 2" steak). Turn with tongs or spatula. Using a meat fork will allow the juices to escape through the holes.
  • Transfer steaks to plates and season again with salt and pepper. Brush with extra virgin olive oil or melted butter to round out the flavor.
  • Let steaks rest 2-3 min. before serving. This allows the juices to flow back from the center of the meat to the exterior, giving you a juicier steak.
1/2" thickDirectHigh1-2 min./side2-3 min./side3-2 min./side
1" thickDirectHigh3-4 min./side4-6 min./side6-7 min./side
1-1/2" thickDirectHigh4-6 min./side6-8 min./side8-9 min./side

Ideas for Grilled Steaks

  • Top warm steaks with a piece of blue cheese; allow to melt slightly.
  • Rather than salt and pepper, season steaks before and after cooking with Kowalski's North Woods Grill Seasoning, available in the Meat Department.

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