Baking Basics and Beyond from Pat Sinclair

Pat SinclairAs we talk with our customers, it has become apparent that many of you are becoming more interested in cooking and baking. For some it is a return to a time when preparing meals and eating at home was the norm. For others it is a new adventure, a hobby of sorts.

Local cookbook author Pat Sinclair sensed this trend a few years ago and realized that she had gained considerable knowledge about baking after working on a baking cookbook for a local company. "I loved the interaction of the ingredients in recipes, almost like a chemical formula, and the interconnection among techniques," offered Pat. "I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others as well, so doing a cookbook of my own seemed to make sense." The result was Baking Basics and Beyond, a cookbook that is both educational and a source of more than 120 incredible recipes.

The book is organized into twelve chapters that feature such things as muffins, quick breads and popovers, cookies, cheesecakes, pies and tarts and yeast breads. "I begin each chapter with tips that apply to what you will be making and start with the easiest recipe first," said Pat. "As you page through the chapter, you will find that each recipe builds on the skills learned in the previous recipe and become more difficult as you progress through the chapter. By the end of each section you will be baking like a pro!" adds Sinclair.

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Featured Recipes from Pat's Cookbook

Chocolate Chip Scones wtih Strawberry Butter
Caramel Apple Crisp 

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