Bring the Steakhouse Experience Home

Steak House TenderloinMany of us have foregone dinners out at high-end steak houses of late but still crave the experience of cutting into a juicy steak and the accompaniments that round out that traditional steak dinner. The good news is that you really don't have to deprive yourself any longer. It is easier than you think to recreate that same steak house dinner at home! 

It starts with the perfect steak, and our Meat Departments offer all natural beef that is raised with no hormones or antibiotics - ever.

The cooking technique in our recipe for Steak House Tenderloin (pictured) emulates the method restaurant chefs use when cooking a great steak. We are calling for a filet mignon, however you can take this simple procedure and adapt it to your favorite cut of steak. The meat is seared on one side in an oven-safe sauté pan using intense direct heat just long enough to cook the outside, but short enough to have little effect on the meat's interior. Then the meat is turned, finished off in the oven and allowed to rest for five minutes after cooking to set the juices. These simple steps help seal in the internal meat juices and give the surface added texture, flavor and color.

The other tip is to season each side of the steak after it has been cooked and turned. If you preseason the steak, juices will leach out from the underside of the steak, giving that side of the meat a mushy consistency and a surface that is a pallid grayish-brown rather than an appealing rich brown color.

Recreate our steak house menu and enjoy the fine dining experience once again. The only way you'll know you aren't at a high-end steak house is by the dishes you'll have to wash when dinner is over!

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