Kitchen Tips - April 2010

  • Don't rely on the sniff test when cleaning out your refrigerator since food that doesn't smell bad can still make you sick. This handy article from the USDA lets you know how long you can safely keep more than 50 foods: Basics for Handling Food Safely. Or call 1-888-674-6854 for the USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline.
  • Place a cork, such as one from a wine bottle, on the sharp ends of your knives to prevent them from doing damage, especially if you are transporting them in a picnic basket.
  • To keep the cutting board from sliding around on the kitchen counter, place a damp towel or one or two wet paper towels underneath.
  • When boiling green vegetables for more than five minutes, never cover the pan. If the pan is covered, the acids in the food will be trapped and cause the vegetables to turn gray.
  • When selecting a sauté pan, consider the amount of food you are cooking and choose the pan that fits that amount as close as possible. If the pan is too small, your food will steam and never brown. If the pan is too big, the juices will run over to the part of the pan that remains empty and burn.

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