Kitchen Tips - July 2010

  • To simplify taco preparation, prepare multiple seasoning packets at the same time by combining each portion of the spices in separate plastic bags. Just grab a spice mix and combine with ground beef or chicken. No additional measuring required.
  • Make a large batch of pesto using fresh basil and freeze in ice cube trays. The pesto is ready to use throughout the year by simply thawing the cubes and tossing with the cooked pasta.
  • To shred basil, stack leaves on top of one another, tightly roll them and slice thin with either a knife or kitchen scissors.
  • When drying mushrooms, simply use a damp cloth to clean the mushrooms, but if washing is a must, use a salad spinner to dry rinsed mushrooms.
  • Use a potato ricer to juice lemons if a recipe calls for a large amount of citrus juice. By rolling the lemon on a hard surface before juicing, it breaks the membranes inside the fruit, extracting the most juice possible. To freeze lemons for beverages, slice lemons and lay flat on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper; freeze and transfer to a zip-lock bag to store once frozen.

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