Pizza on the Grill

Camembert and Caramelized Onion PizzaWhen planning meals, it can be difficult to agree on what to make since we all have distinct food preferences. However, pizza is something that almost everyone can agree on. There are so many different varieties of pizza that it's hard to keep track of all the new flavors and cooking techniques people are using. Think of yourself as an artist and the pizza crust as your canvas, only limited by your imagination. Anything is possible with pizza; even moving it outdoors on the grill.

In the late summer when the humidity and heat is at its highest, using the oven is the last thing you want to do. Grilling season is in its prime, so why not try something new and put your pizza on the grill? It can be a fun twist on the traditional pizza night. Invite your family and friends over for dinner and make it an event. Everyone can choose their own toppings and create different pizzas so everyone’s happy. Instead of having to buy large quantities of toppings and ingredients that you rarely use, pick out a variety of toppings from our Salad and Olive Bar. That way you can get creative without worrying about what you’re going to do with the leftover peppers that would end up in the bottom of your fridge and forgotten about until they go bad. Try these three recipes on your grill and fire up some fun. Pair these pizzas with a delicious wine like a 2006 Taurino Salice Salentino or 2007 Montevina Winery Barbera and let the grilling begin.

Featured Recipes

Grilled Pizza
Sun-Dried Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Pizza on the Grill
Camembert and Caramelized Onion Pizza (pictured above)

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