We're Tracking the Top 10 Snack Trends

Citrus SmoothieAt Kowalski's, we are all about tracking food trends and trying to stay ahead of them in order to bring you, our customers, the latest finds. This "Top 10 Snack Trends List" was compiled by The Food Channel and shows how people are eating today. According to Kay Logsdon, editor-in-chief of The Food Channel, smoothies and energy bars are functioning as meal replacements, and grazing with small bites throughout the day sometimes even replaces sitting down to a real meal. We think that's an important finding and offer these insights as food for thought as you go about choosing the snacks you and your family will consume.

  1. Chips and dips. Hummus and falafel chips or pretzel crisps have replaced traditional chips and dip. The dips are healthier, spicier and often served hot.
  2. Small and sensational. Snacks packed with protein are being used as meal replacements and eaten more often. Think mini burgers sold as appetizers at many chain restaurants or snack wraps at fast food restaurants. These snack type items are often replacing the traditional meal.
  3. The drink shift. There is a shift away from colas and energy drinks to teas, lemonades, fruity organic waters and carbonated fruit drinks with unique flavor combinations. There is also a trend away from high-fructose corn syrup used in soft drinks and back to sugar. The major players are dubbing these "throwback" beverages.
  4. Going nuts. With all the health claims associated with nuts, the trend is toward pairing nuts and granola or nuts and fruits as in trail mix. Even nuts covered in dark chocolate have a "good for you" aura.
  5. Fruits. Fresh fruit has moved into the number one ranking as a snack among kids aged two to 17. There is also more of an emphasis on locally grown.
  6. Cruising the bars. Granola bars have become an acceptable meal replacement and are now available in dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, soy-free, cholesterol-free, trans-fat-free and casein-free varieties.
  7. Sweet and salty. This is a flavor combination that many people crave and includes such things as chocolate dipped pretzels and potato chips, as well as eating a piece of fruit with a side of popcorn.
  8. Yogurt, redefined. The addition of probiotics to yogurt, and global varieties such as Greek yogurt becoming mainstream, has caused yogurt to trend up as a healthy snack.
  9. Bodaciously bold. Our urge for extraordinary flavors has promoted the introduction of very spicy foods such as Doritos in three degrees of hotness.
  10. Nostalgia's new again. Snack cakes like Hostess Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Little Debbies are still as popular as ever, and are reaching a whole new generation.

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