Tulips - A Sure Sign of Spring

TulipsOne of the most encouraging signs that winter is waning is the emergence of tulips as they break through the earth. If you don't have the pleasure of watching this rite of spring in your garden, you can still enjoy these blooms in a vase on your dining room table. Local grower Len Busch provides our markets with tulips in a wide variety of colors all year 'round. Just follow these few simple tips to keep your blooms beautiful, and treat yourself to fresh-cut flowers each time you shop.

  • Remove foliage from the part of the stem that will be under water in your vase.
  • Cut off any white portion of the stem to allow better fluid intake.
  • Re-cut one inch from the flower's stem while under water every four to five days to maintain water uptake.
  • There are many home remedies for keeping cut tulips fresh longer in a vase, including adding pennies, aspirin, bleach or 7-Up to the water. In reality, tulips just like fresh, clean water and lots of it!
  • Tulips continue to grow in the vase, gaining an inch in height or more. You will also notice that they twist and bend toward sources of light, giving them a different look every day. Take advantage of their spontaneous nature and combine them with forsythia, pussy willows and curly willow for an interesting arrangement.

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