Local Partner B.T. McElrath

Brian McElrathThe trend of sourcing local products is something we have embraced for years at Kowalski's, and one of our long standing relationships has been with B. T. McElrath Chocolatier. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company is owned and operated by Brian T. McElrath and Christine Walthour. Their chocolate truffles and assortment of contemporary American-style chocolate confections have become favorites of discriminating chocolate consumer not only at Kowalski's but across the country.

B. T. graduated from the California Culinary Academy and originally pursued a career working as a chef for 18 years in some of the leading restaurants, hotels and country clubs in both Minnesota and California. During this time, Brian discovered his true passion was re-inventing classic dishes, and mastering the fine art of flavor harmony became a joyous obsession. In 1996, he founded B. T. McElrath Chocolatier to apply his vast culinary experiences to creating unique confections.

"One of the distinctive features of our candies is their innovative flavor combinations that are created with only premium quality ingredients,” offers Brian. “All of the chocolates are hand-crafted in small batches by chocolate artisans and packed by hand as well. Every product is all natural with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives," he adds.

“We love the fact that their chocolates are made with fresh cream and butter from local dairies such as Hope Creamery in southern Minnesota, another one of our local partners that practices sustainable agriculture,” said Terri Bennis, Kowalski's Vice President of Perishable Operations.

B.T.  McElrath Truffle AssortmentWe look forward to the seasonal truffles that are either enrobed in chocolate or molded and filled with ganache centers flavored with traditional favorites like lemon or orange or more exotic flavors such as zinfandel balsamic, passion fruit or chile-limón. Created in both classic and whimsical shapes, they are so pretty to look at, you might almost not want to eat them! However, once you do, you'll realize just how special they are. In addition to the truffle collection, they also offer a line of chocolate bars and single-serving bites representing two of the bar flavors.

 If you believe in supporting local businesses, we encourage you to try these special chocolates. Look for the B. T. McElrath Chocolate display in the Deli Department and treat yourself to something truly extraordinary.

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