Walleye - A Minnesota Favorite

The walleye is the most sought-after fish in Minnesota. Its thick, white fillets, handsome shape and coloring, and elusive nature make it the ultimate prize among anglers. Each year, anglers in Minnesota keep roughly 3.5 million walleyes totaling 4 million pounds. The walleye requires relatively pristine waters and is most often found in deep water in large, clear, cool lakes and rivers. It is considered a "cool water" species.

Country of Origin: Canada

Availability: Year round

Appearance: Walleye is olive in color, and is broken up by five dark saddles that extend to the upper sides. The olive color shades to white on the belly. The mouth of a walleye is large, armed with many sharp teeth. What distinguishes walleye from its close cousin the sauger is the white on the lower tip of the tail.

Size: The average walleye caught and kept is about 14 inches long and weighs slightly more than 1 pound.

Flavor: Walleye is often considered to have the best tasting flesh of any freshwater fish.

Cooking Tips: Recipes used for sole can also be used for walleye.

Cooking Methods: Bake, broil, fry, poach, sauté

Featured Recipe


4 medium-sized walleye fillets, cut in pieces
2 cups instant potato flakes
2 eggs
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons parsley flakes
1/3 cup lard
1/3 cup butter
- pepper seasoning, to taste

Mix eggs, milk and parsley flakes in bowl. Season to taste. Pour instant potato flakes into separate bowl. Dip fillets into egg/milk mixture. Dip fillets into potato flakes. Fry in hot pan of melted lard and butter until brown. Serves 4.

Nutrition Facts per Serving (100g/3.5 oz. raw):
Calories: 81
Calories from Fat: 7
Total Fat: 0.8 g
Saturated Fat: 0.2 g
Cholesterol: 71 mg
Sodium: 99 mg
Protein: 16 g
+ omega-3s

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