Haute Dogs: Sausages with Attitude

Grilled Italian Sausage Flatbreads with Roasted Tomato SalsaWe all love a sausage hot off the grill in the summertime, but this all-American food has been given a bad rap over the years because many of the ingredients used to make them have come from questionable sources. Our customers challenged us to come up with a better sausage, and thanks to the help of local producer Dombrovski Meats in Foley, Minnesota, we've met that challenge with Kowalski's Signature Sausages.

Our varieties aren't your run-of-the-mill flavors. They are made from top-quality meats that are combined with different cheeses, wild rice, bacon and even local brew Summit Mai Bock Beer. The combinations are creative, and healthy enough to be enjoyed on a regular basis

Kowalski's Meat/Seafood Director Boyd Oase says, "Our customers love their sausage and we sell lots of it during the grilling season. We began introducing some unique flavors last year and they were overwhelmingly successful. We met with the folks from Dombrovski Meats over the winter and have come up with a menu of new sausages that we can't wait to bring into our markets."

If you love grilled sausage, we encourage you to make a point to try each of these new varieties and choose your favorites. Our recipe for Grilled Italian Sausage Flatbreads with Roasted Tomato Salsa (pictured above) is a great way to get started. Come up with your own toppings and create your own recipes. How about a Minnesota Dog to compete with the Chicago Dog?

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