Tips To Keep Your Flowering Plants Looking Vibrant All Summer Long

Our floral specialists offer tips to keep your flowering plants looking as great as they did when you bought them throughout the summer. It doesn't require a green thumb, but just a little know-how.

Hanging Pansies
  • Check the tag that comes with each plant and put it in an area that will give it the proper amount of sunlight.
  • Don't have time to water your potted plants or hanging baskets every day? Place a household sponge or clay saucer in the bottom of your pot before adding the soil. It will hold water and allow your plants to stay hydrated through the hottest days without wilting.
  • When designing your own pots and hanging baskets, keep in mind that flowering plants have a hard time growing in shaded areas. The two exceptions are Impatiens and Begonias. Variegated varieties look great since they play well off the shadows that are cast in shady areas. For sunny areas, choose bright colors that won't wash out in intense light.
  • For hanging baskets, wire baskets work great. Each year you will need to insert a new coconut fiber liner, fill the basket with fresh potting soil and blend in a slow-release fertilizer. Choose cascading plants to plant close to the edge of the basket and upright plants for the center. Choose colors that go well together and look for a variety of textures as well.
  • Turn your hanging baskets 90° every few days so the plants will grow and bloom evenly on all sides.
  • A wand attachment for your hose will make watering hanging baskets a snap.
  • When going on a trip, move all hanging baskets and potted plants to a completely shaded spot. Completely soak the soil before you leave. They should have enough water to last over a weekend. If you will be gone longer, enlist the help of a friend to come and water very couple of days.

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