July is the Perfect Time for Ice Cream

Mocha Brownie TartA trip to the ice cream shop on a warm July evening is one of the simple pleasures of summer. However, a carton of your favorite flavor is a must have for your home freezer so you can enjoy this cold, creamy dessert anytime you get a craving.

An array of toppings is also a good idea to have on hand to allow for a little creativity with a scoop or two after dinner. You may be thinking the usual condiments such as hot fudge, pecans and whipped cream, but we have run across some that had us scratching our heads. An ice cream truck in New York City is known for its quirky toppings that include the combinations of olive oil and sea salt, or crushed Trix cereal or wasabi-pea dust! The owners suggest avoiding the ice cream aisle when you are looking for your toppings and fan out through the store to get creative with your choices. We'd love to hear what you dream up, so let us know by emailing you concoctions to rperron@kowalskis.com. In the meantime, we'd like to suggest things like crushed peanut brittle, coarsely chopped Kowalski's Peanut Butter Cups, coarsely chopped Kowalski's Sea Salt Caramels, Kowalski's Wasabi Peanuts or Sweet Hotties, just to offer a few ideas.

A quick do-ahead dessert idea is to scoop ice cream and shape it into round balls; place each ball on a parchment-lined jelly roll pan and return to freezer to freeze solid. Working with one ice cream ball at a time, roll it into any of the following: toasted chopped almonds, toasted coconut, toffee chips, mini chocolate chips, chopped pecans or chocolate shots that can be found in the baking asile. You'll probably think of lots of other toppings that you can roll scoops of ice cream. Place each scoop in a foil cupcake liner and return to jelly roll pan. Cover with foil and store in the freezer to serve anytime. A crisp cookie as a side will turn this simple idea into a fun dessert or snack anytime.

Featured Recipes

Here are a few recipes as well to make your ice cream treats a little more special:
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