Kalbi - A Marinade with Many Uses

Kowalski's Signature Kalbi MarinadeThere are some flavor combinations that just seem to resonate with people. Think of apples and caramel, bacon and eggs, chips and salsa, burgers and fries, hot dogs and mustard. A pairing we never would have predicted was the combination of kalbi and just about any type of meat, seafood or vegetables. But we knew we had a winner when we started using it on our specialty items in the Meat Department and people began asking if they could buy it to create their own dishes at home. It was this enthusiastic reception that prompted us to add this flavorful marinade to our Signature Products line, and it has definitely become a favorite among our customers!

Kalbi is a Korean word for rib, and this sweet, soy-flavored marinade is usually used with beef short ribs in Korean cuisine. The meat is traditionally sliced thin, marinated and grilled very quickly. Kalbi offers amazing tenderizing properties as well, which makes it the perfect marinade for less tender cuts of meat. However, it is also a great addition when used with pork tenderloin, chicken, scallops, shrimp, salmon and even vegetables. Bulgogi is the name given when kalbi is combined with more tender cuts of beef such as rib eye or strip steaks.

Kalbi Beef SandwichWe have taken a little "poetic license" and created a Kalbi Beef Sandwich (pictured here) using our signature marinade with sirloin steak, onions and green pepper that is grilled and served on a fresh-baked ciabatta roll with melted Gruyère cheese on top. The meat could be rolled into a cold, crisp piece of lettuce, flat bread or tortilla as well for a delicious wrap. Get the recipe below.

Kalbi can also be used as a dipping sauce, and the addition of red pepper flakes adds a little fire for those who like things extra spicy. Served hot or cold, the possibilities are endless. Once you try it, we are sure you'll be adding Kowalski's Signature Kalbi Marinade to your shopping list and creating your own flavor combinations. It is available in the Meat and Grocery Departments.

Featured Recipe

Kalbi Beef Sandwiches (pictured)

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