Kowalski's Vegetarian-Fed Rotisserie Chicken - The Feed Makes All the Difference

Kowalski's Rotisserie ChickenWhen we began sourcing a chicken for our Rotisserie Chicken in the Deli, we knew it had to be better than similar products available in the marketplace. Not just any chicken would do. Our search led us to Gerber's Real Amish Farm Country Chicken, raised with no added hormones or antibiotics, ever. Seasoned with Kowalski's Award-Winning Rotisserie Chicken Seasoning and flame-roasted to seal in the juices, we think you'll agree that it is the best around!

Grown on family farms located in the beautiful, rolling farmlands of Ohio's Amish countryside, the flocks are fed an all-vegetarian diet of corn blended with cereal grains. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and vegetable fats are added to form a balanced, nutritional feed. No animal by-products, fish meal, bakery by-products, antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones are added to the feed. Because the chickens are fed the best ingredients and are grown with extra care, they are more resistant to disease as well.

The Amish farmers spend extra time tending to their flocks, providing them with fresh water, making sure that plenty of all-grain feed is available and that the barns are well-ventilated with fresh country air. The barns are large and comfortable, as well, with space for the chickens to roam freely. All this extra care results in a better-tasting, tender chicken, guaranteed!

For the best-tasting rotisserie chicken, bar none, select Kowalski's Rotisserie Chicken in Original, Butter Garlic, Texas BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Chipotle or Whiskey Sage. We also encourage you to pick up an extra one to cut from the bone and use in the summer chicken salad recipes we have created.

Gerber's Real Amish Farm Country Chicken also is available in the Meat Department to prepare on the grill. Pick up an extra package or two, and the next time you are grilling, cook up the boneless, skinless breasts and refrigerate or freeze for salad making. It takes an extra step out of meal preparation.

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