Keeping it Local in the Deli

Greek Salad WrapMany people have a recipe that has become a favorite with family and friends who are encouraging them to try to produce it to sell at the retail level. That's where Kowalski's enters the picture, helping local entrepreneurs bring their products to market. With help from packaging to securing a UPC code, Kowalski's has mentored people along the way to get these great finds into the stores. We highlight some of our success stories from the shelves of the Deli Department and encourage you to try them if you haven't already. You'll see why we are so happy to bring you these local products!

Deena's Gourmet Hummus

What makes this hummus so special? It is made with all natural ingredients from Minnesota farmers, when in season. Deena makes this product herself each week using no preservatives and no tahini. Try it with fresh veggies and pita chips or in our recipe for a Greek Salad Wrap.

Gramps & Sammy's Pesto

Gramps' special pesto recipe has been a hit with his family for decades – especially with his granddaughter, Sammy. When Sammy was young, she would call Gramps and tell him not to come over unless he brought his pesto. When the family began selling it at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market, they couldn't keep up with the demand. We understand why! Take a container home and try it on freshly-cooked pasta or use it in our Chicken Pesto Pasta Salad recipe. You'll see why we love this pesto as much as Sammy does.

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