Neighbors Come Together to Create Cosmopolitan Cuties

Gretchen Wynia and Emily Bath, Creators of Cosmopolitan Cuties

Many young moms can probably identify with Gretchen Wynia and Emily Bath. As neighbors, they were both looking for a way to be able to stay home with their young children yet still contribute financially to the family budget. As luck would have it, when Emily's daughter came shopping at Kowalski's Woodbury Market with her grandma, she just happened to be wearing a hat that her mom had made. One of the Deli employees commented on how cute it was, and when she heard that it was homemade by Emily, she suggested they get in touch with Lin Hollenkamp, the Woodbury Gift Department Manager. "When I saw how cute their things were, I immediately knew we had to bring them into all of our stores," recalls Lin.

Gretchen and Emily started their business by secretly taking money from their household accounts, a fact their husbands found out after they were able to pay back the funds. "We knew we would have some explaining to do if we didn't replenish the accounts, which gave us the incentive we needed to work hard to make this go," added Emily. "Now we are continually looking for new ideas to keep the line current and have even started a blog ( to help our customers integrate the items they purchase from us with trendy finds from such stores as GAP Kids and Old Navy," offers Gretchen. "We spend our evenings with our hot glue guns in hand and have probably destroyed our fingerprints in the process, but we love creating the flowers that can be interchanged from one piece to another," they both agreed.

We are anxious to see what new things this creative team comes up with and where they are able to take their local business. We are rooting for their success!

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