Local Grower Len Busch Brings Seasonal Flowers to Kowalski's

Fall MumsAs we begin to reluctantly transition from summer to fall, our thoughts turn to bonfires, football games and the rich colors of the season. The plant that comes to mind this time of year is most definitely the mum with its rich jewel tones. Our selection of indoor mum plants and cut stems come to our markets from local grower Len Busch. Known for the beautiful roses they grow in their greenhouses in Plymouth, Minnesota, Len Busch specializes in other seasonal flowers as well.

Their operation consists of fifteen acres of greenhouses that are heated almost entirely with two wood-fired boilers. "It is through these greenhouses that we grow a variety of plants to supply Kowalski's Markets and other retail florists within a 200 mile radius of the Twin Cities," offers John Story, LBR Home Grown Product Manager. "For our mum plants, we start with high quality unrooted cuttings that are planted directly into the pots they will be sold in. For a typical six-and-a-half inch pot, we plant five of these cuttings. After three weeks they have enough of a root system to move to a second greenhouse where they are irrigated from the bottom of the pot. We then determine whether we want small or larger blooms and trim the plants accordingly. The mums are finished in a high-light environment, which produces a plant with brighter colors than other growers," adds Story.

These beautiful plants work best indoors but can also be used outside for seasonal displays in your planters, along with other fall blooms. With just the right amount of sunlight, water and a little bit of creativity, mums will add a touch of fall color to your home décor both inside and out.

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