Good Foods in Store for 2012

We reviewed plenty of recently published food trend lists and found happy news on the horizon. Take a look at some of the healthful things to look forward to:

  • Food themes: Pure, wholesome, authentic, heritage/heirloom and local. All are front and center for 2012. If you seek good health, these themes are a perfect base for it. Watch for more foods and products to tout these very words. You'll find well-sourced, well-cared for foods in abundance at Kowalski's.
  • The real taste of real foods. The bottom line from all of 2012's food themes? Real food and its real taste. Highly processed, overly salted and sugared items give way to the good stuff. Guess what? Your taste buds are going to thank you.
  • Home cooking. Needless to say, we love this trend. As we seek to be smart with our food dollars, we're spending more time in our kitchens. Look for daily meal inspirations from Kowalski's and all sorts of new products to help you make easy, tasty meals (in the comfort of your own home) all year long.
  • Botanical ingredients to benefit health. Herbs and spices are hot ingredients. This year they'll be getting a lot more press. Some help quiet inflammation in your body, some improve digestion, and others boost immunity, help you relax or have energizing properties. We'll give you the down-low on which botanicals can help you achieve your health goals – stay tuned.
  • Better beverages.  Soda and highly sweetened drinks are "caution" items. Many companies are creating new, refreshing (often more healthful) drinks to whet your whistle. Look for more probiotic drinks (beverages that contain good bacteria to improve intestinal health), carbonated drinks made with real fruit juice, herbs and spices, and a variety of tea concoctions. Look for Joia sodas (this local company is winning rave reviews) in the Deli Department.
  • "Kids" nutrition. This is an important carryover trend from last year. Yay! Expect more kid-friendly foods to debut. Check out Mama Jess Pasta Sauces, a great (and yes, tasty) example of pure, wholesome foods kids will love.

Other foods trending "in"

  • Grass-fed meat and dairy
  • Sea salt
  • Real butter
  • Healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, nut oils, etc.) instead of fat-free
  • Local, seasonal fruits like tart cherries and heirloom oranges instead of exotic "super fruits" such as aÁaÌ and goji berries
  • Whole eggs and cage-free eggs instead of egg whites and egg substitutes
  • Farmstead cheeses
  • Craft beers instead of "light" beers
  • Dark, assertive, leafy greens (kale, Swiss chard, collards, dandelion greens, etc.)
  • Farro, a nutty, ancient whole grain
  • Cool condiments (e.g. smoked paprika and fennel mayos; harissa, a North African chili sauce; and Gochujang, a fermented red chili paste used in Korean dishes)

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