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Darryl, Kowalski's Seafood ExpertThese days, everyone wonders about their seafood. The terms "sustainable," "wild-caught" and "farm-raised" are bandied about, but for many consumers it's hard to know how to navigate these waters. How do you make the right choice? The answer isn't the same for everyone, so Kowalski's offers several varieties of farm-raised and wild-caught fish. By its nature, farm-raised seafood is sustainable and allows us to bring fresh, moist seafood to our customers year round. Farm-raised seafood is also generally milder and may be preferred for that reason alone. Kowalski's is committed to working with providers who ensure both the protection of the local environment in which fish farms are located as well as the production of safe, healthful products. Wild-caught fish is more seasonal and, for some consumers, prompts concerns about sustainability. All of Kowalski's wild-caught seafood comes from sustainable fisheries, who aim to conserve fishing environments in a multitude of ways – in particular, by avoiding overfishing. Many people prefer wild fish for its stronger flavor profile.

We are proud to offer a variety of seafood from purveyors we (and you!) can trust. Our suppliers offer the widest and wildest inventory in the Midwest, with global connections from Alaska to Tasmania and Norway to Thailand. Fresh seafood is flown in daily from around the world to our suppliers and is delivered every day to each of our stores. It is kept in perfect conditions so it will always be perfect when you serve it. Your local market is also happy to take special orders; so if we don't have it, please ask. In most cases we can get a custom order to you in one or two days. Kowalski's is also the right place to buy your seafood because our specialists know how to prepare all varieties and can offer delicious suggestions on what to pair them with. These specialists know how to prepare our fish because they eat it, and they love it. We hope you will, too.

Selection and availability vary by market.

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