In the Bakery with a Gourmet Thyme

While we're justifiably proud of the homestyle breads, pies, cookies, crackers, muffins, cakes and more that are made fresh in our own local bakery, we're also pretty thrilled to bring you the handiwork of local artisan bakers who make delectable goodies of their own. One such epicurean producer is St. Paul-based A Gourmet Thyme, headed by long-time food professionals Bonnie Alton and Donna Cavannaugh. One of their most popular products is quickly flying off our shelves: savory shortbreads available in NEW Lemon Thyme, Pistachio, Cacao Express and original Cayenne. These buttery cookies are perfect partners for a variety of cheeses. Also look for A Gourmet Thyme's Savory Spiced Walnuts in the Deli Department.

A Gourmet Thyme Shortbread Cookies

Selection and availability vary by market.

You can learn more about A Gourmet Thyme at

Try this recipe from Woodbury Kowalski's Cheese Specialist, Scott Zeinert, featuring the newest shortbread from A Gourmet Thyme: Chèvre Ball with Yuzu and Herbs.

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