Ramp Up for Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit season is coming in early this year. To buff your body for "less layers," try these easy tips.

1. Pick weighty foods.

Research suggests we eat the same weight of food every day. "Heavy" foods tend to be lower in calories – heavy foods are higher in water content. Think fruits, vegetables, cooked grains, soups and beans. Make your plate heavy with water-rich foods. When it comes to the calories in food: Fat matters, but water matters more.

2. Sip soup. 

Studies show eating a broth-based soup before or as part of a meal can reduce the number of calories you eat at a meal and during the day. The visual size of soup, its weight in the stomach and the actual action of eating soup help satisfy appetite and offer a lasting sense of fullness.

3. Keep an eye on drinks. 

They're silent calories and account for 20% or more of the calories we eat in a day. Liquid calories don't register fullness because the body senses hunger and thirst through different mechanisms. Drinking a beverage does not satisfy hunger and eating does not satisfy thirst. Slim your waist with low calorie beverages.

4. Rethink the "small frequent meals" idea and the presence of food.

Less of both may be more. You're more likely to overeat...

  • The more times a day you eat.
  • The more places food is available.
  • The more food in front of you. The cheaper the food.

Side note: Calories count even if they're not on a plate.

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