Presentable Gifts

You may consider it part art gallery, jewelry salon, fashion & accessories boutique, beauty & wellness market, children's gift store or a housewares showroom. No matter how you look at it, our Gift Department is a stylish shopper's go-to for gifts of good taste. For some it's destination shopping; for others it's the place to find unique gifts both funky and fabulous. And according to reports from many of you, it's just as often the place you find a trendy little something special for yourself.

On any given day, in any Kowalski's market, shoppers may find anything from a chic silk scarf or a quirky photo frame to a smart serving piece, or fashion-forward necklace. Then there's our craveable collection of handbags, wristlets, wallets, totes, shoulder bags, clutches and notebook covers in every shape, size and color. We also feature lush, classic fragrances from Thymes, creamy chocolates from Lake Champlain and a wide assortment of beautiful cards, wraps and gorgeous gift bags to make such presents presentable.

Pocket WatchGnome Statue
Frog Prince Statue

Gifting season never ends. Whether you're shopping for Mom, Dad, a new bride, new grad, or just yourself, the occasion (and the perfect gift) is here! New products arrive daily and selection is unique to each store, so shop them all and shop them often!

Selection and availability of vary by market.

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