Kowalski's Farm-Lovers' Market

Local Produce BasketWhile we may not be able to grow pineapple or bananas in our cold-weather climate, we're lucky to enjoy such fresh produce year round. But when the weather starts to turn and our short growing season gets under way, we're thrilled to bring in fresh produce from small, local growers. Not only do we value the hard work of our neighboring farmers, we surely appreciate the true freshness of their locally grown goodies. From berries and tomatoes to squash, herbs, peppers, greens, beans, apples, corn and more – at Kowalski's we like to think we've got our own little farmer's market in store all day, every single day of the week. Look for these colorful, locally grown beauties in the coming months.

Featured Recipes

Kalbi Shrimp and Noodle Stir Fry
Balsamic Berry Sauce
Mini Pavlovas
Lemon-Honey Yogurt Parfaits

Selection and availability of ingredients vary by market.

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