You Say Tomato, I Say Yum!

Heirloom TomatoesKowalski's shoppers don't have to wait until the middle of summer to enjoy big, juicy tomatoes with fresh-from-the-garden flavor. Bushel Boy Farms, an Owatonna-based grower that supplies Twin Cities' grocers with fresh tomatoes all year long, introduces a new variety of tomatoes called "Bushel Boy Bubbas" that look and taste like tomatoes grown in a backyard garden. These new vine-on beefsteak tomatoes are grown from specially-selected seeds to give them garden-grown flavor and a more distinctive, natural appearance.

"Growers in Florida and Mexico have to produce tomatoes that will ship well, and that means that taste is often compromised," said Jay Johnson, owner of Bushel Boy Farms. "At Bushel Boy, we grow tomatoes close to home so we're able to grow Bubbas based on how they look and taste, not how they ship."

Like all of Bushel Boy's tomatoes, Bubbas are grown in greenhouses that closely simulate the perfect outdoor growing environment, right down to the bumble bees that pollinate the plants. Bubba brand vine-on beefsteaks, regular vine-ons and Baby Boy grape tomatoes are ripened on the vine, picked at their very sweetest and delivered to Kowalski's within approximately 24 hours.

Enjoy these delicious tomatoes on a BLT, in a simple Caprese salad, or in one of these great recipes.

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