Flowers - The Center of Attention

Sunflower CenterpieceYour holiday table isn't complete without a centerpiece, and we've got you covered all season long with selections both big and small, suited for any size set-up. You can order a custom piece made by one of our talented floral designers or improvise one of your own with our wide assortment of containers and stems.

Whether you're ordering a table arrangement or crafting one yourself, size matters. Keep these guidelines in mind when deciding how big to go.


Small tables deserve smaller arrangements, and big ones deserve bigger bouquets. Don't crowd your place settings.


Round tables have less total space than square ones, so keep shape in mind as well. Try long arrangements on long tables or use a larger piece in the center with smaller complimentary designs running down the length.


Don't put anything on a dinner table that will be at the same height as your guests' heads. Generally avoid anything more than 15-16" at its tallest point.


Guests will be standing at a buffet table, not conversing over it, so here is where you can go big. Flowers that tower over everything else on the table can create unsightly gaps in overall table design – use risers to elevate some serving dishes to give dimension to the whole presentation.


Keep the size of the room and height of the ceilings in mind. If needed, add height to an arrangement with wispy, slender, structural design materials (such as curly willow) that you can see through.


The container should not provide more than 40% of the height of total arrangement, and the base of the container shouldn't interfere with table settings or contribute to a cluttered look. A mirror under a centerpiece base can be used to give the impression of a larger display without taking up valuable table space.

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