Quiz: Buzzwords For 2013

We love a good trend as much as anybody, so we're heading out to San Francisco this month to the Fancy Food Show where we'll test some out. It's also time for our 2nd Annual Buzzword Quiz, featuring words food lovers anticipate will be some of the trendiest tastes and techniques of the upcoming year. While there's really no knowing if their expectations will be met, there's fun to be had either way. Do you know seitan from secreto or bresaola from bitters? Find out when you match the buzzword on the left with the closest definition on the right.

1. Goji

2. Bitters

3. Bresaola

4. Offal

5. Togarashi

6. Cherimoya

7. Charcuterie

8. Seitan

9. Secreto

10. Confit

11. Spatchcocking

12. Paneer

13. Kombu

A. A generic term for foods that have been immersed in something for both flavor and preservation

B. A fresh, unripened cheese with the texture of tofu

C. A lean, tender, sweet air-dried salted beef

D. Organ meats of a butchered animal, considered delicacies in some cultures

E. A type of seaweed popular in Japanese cooking

F. Also known as wolfberry, an antioxidant-rich fruit often eaten dried

G. Common term for a Japanese condiment made from chili peppers

H. Removing the backbone and sternum of poultry to flatten it for cooking

I. A meat substitute, often for chicken, made from wheat gluten

J. An alcoholic beverage flavored with herbal essences, used to flavor cocktails

K. A rare, specialty cut of pork from a heritage Spanish breed

L. A tropical fruit tasting of pineapple, papaya and banana

M. Common term for prepared meat products, particularly pork products, like sausage, bacon and pâté.

ANSWERS: 1. F / 2. J / 3. C / 4. D / 5. G / 6. L / 7. M / 8. I / 9. K / 10. A / 11. H / 12. B / 13. E

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