Set Your Ovens To Stun!

Fall Harvest PizzaWe all know someone who claims they don't like these or those vegetables. One of the most common reasons for such aversions is usually grounded in childhood, and mothers and grandmothers who boiled the life out of them. More than one skeptic, however, has been converted into a veggie lover when they're roasted to perfection.

Sure, steamed or stir-fried produce is pleasingly mild, sweet, subtle and friendly enough. Roasting, though, brings out a deeper sweetness in vegetables, adding a complexity and an intensity that makes them, well, hard-to-resist. With their concentrated sugars and their dark, caramel-like flavors, they're positively intriguing. With this single technique you can master almost any vegetable (no more wondering what to do with rutabagas), but here we're offering up a baseline for success with some familiar favorites.

Featured Recipes

Fall Harvest Pizza (pictured above)
Roasted Butternut Squash and Onions
Herb Roasted Mushrooms

Our local distributing partners provide us the ability for "just in time" produce deliveries, so we often get newer lots and newer varieties as soon as they become available.

Basic Roasted Vegetables

Cut evenly; completely but lightly coat veggies with oil. Season to taste. Roast on a baking sheet lined with parchment in a preheated 450° oven until browned and tender when pierce with a fork.

AsparagusTrim woody ends10-15 min.
BeetsLeave whole; scrub but don't peel (remove skins after cooked/cooled)60-90 min.
BroccoliCut 1 1/2" florets10-15 min.
Brussels SproutsTrim and halve lengthwise20-25 min.
Butternut SquashCut in halve lengthwise; roast skin side up or cut into 1" cubes25 min.
CarrotsPeel; cut into 1" pieces18-20 min.
CauliflowerCut 1 1/2" florets25-35 min.
MushroomsClean well; trim steams from shiitakes, if desired15-25 min.
ParsnipsPeel; cut into 2" sections then halve or quarter depending on thickness50 min.
PotatoesDo not peel; cut into 1/2" pieces (fingerlings and baby reds work best for roasting)30-35 min.
Rutabagas or TurnipsPeel turnips only; cut both into 1" wedges50 min.
Sweet PotatoesPeel; cut into 1/2" pieces; cover with foil20 min.
TomatoesRoast unpeeled, whole (time shown is for large tomatoes; grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes may take 5-7 min. or less)20-25 min.
Zucchini & Yellow SquashHalve lengthwise; cut into 1 1/2" pieces20 min.
Acorn SquashCut in half; roast skin side up50 min.

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