Killer Cakes

Kowalski's Salted Caramel Dessert CakeIt started with an idea: to make "The Best" cakes found in any Twin Cities grocery store – or anywhere. And why not? In our heart (but also in fact), we are a bakery. Like any number of smaller neighborhood bakeries, we make our cakes from scratch using top-quality ingredients. They're delivered fresh to our markets every single day. And we have some pretty discriminating talent to tap, too. Besides the combined 62 years of experience between our Bakery Director and Bakery Manager, we also have Roxanne Kielbasa, Kowalski's Catering Director and former owner of McHattie's Victorian Times Tea House (now closed). Reknowned for McHattie's exceptionally delicious cakes, former customers of Roxanne call constantly to see if she can still make them a cake. While heretofore that wasn't possible, now it is. As a part of the long process of editing and improving our cake program, Roxanne and Bakery Manager Steve Beaird spent a fair amount of quality time together in our bakery, working side by side to ensure that our new Dessert Cakes were perfect.

One of the big differences in the new cake line is the number of cakes, which was reduced from 13 to 6, with only 2 cakes surviving from the original 13. Carrot Cake, one of our all-around best sellers, and Red Velvet both received minor edits to their cake and frosting recipes, and new designs. Four brand new cakes – Chocolate Ganache, Champagne, Filled Champagne and Salted Caramel Chocolate – were crafted through a long process that spanned several tasty months. Multiple versions of each cake were cut side by side against each other and against the competition, over. (Okay, we admit it, there were perks to this project.) But it was serious business, and seriously hard work. Always top of mind were our strict standards: to make quality baked goods made with the cleanest ingredients possible, all while providing the best in taste, freshness, variety and price. The results were truly scrumptious.

In addition to the Dessert Cake collection, we also have our traditional cakes: Chocolate, White and Marble with Family Favorite Icings. In addition, all of our cakes (including the Dessert Cake line), are available as sheet cakes by special order. They can be decorated similarly to the traditional rounds, or inscribed and decorated with flowers for special celebrations. We invite you to put our new cake collection to the test, too, and see if it isn't just "The Best." Can't make up your mind as to which to try first? Try one of each! Slices (perfect for sampling!) are available in every market, every day.

The Killer Cake Lineup

This scrumptious stunner of a cake has a jaw-dropping new look. Our rich, deep red chocolate cake is covered in a bouquet of winter-white roses made from luscious, scratch-made cream cheese icing. It's almost too pretty to eat. (Almost!)

Kowalski's Red Velvet Dessert Cake• CHOCOLATE GANACHE CAKE

This "killer" chocolate cake defines simple decadence. Our new super-moist chocolate cake is filled with a generous scratch-made chocolate ganache filling and iced with more ganache. It's a chocolate lover's dream come true.

Our perennially popular carrot cake is new and improved inside and out. We've packed it with bigger walnuts, more raisins, more carrots and a touch of sweet pineapple to make this lightly spiced cake supremely moist and delicious. It's iced with scratch-made real cream cheese icing and has an updated, slightly modern new look.

Kowalski's Chocolate Ganache Dessert Cake• CHAMPAGNE CAKE AND FILLED CHAMPAGNE CAKE
Our white cake is made sweeter and brighter with the addition of real Champagne. The moist, delicate cake is beautifully iced with an airy whipped mousse frosting. It's perfect on its own or enhanced with the fruit or fruit sauce of your choice. Our Champagne Cake is also available filled and topped with seasonal fresh fruit and fruit fillings. This instant classic is perfect for celebrating every occasion (or no occasion at all!).

Our newest addition, Salted Caramel Chocolate, is the flavor of the decade in a chocolate layer cake. Moist cake with a tender crumb is brushed with a lightly salted simple syrup and frosted with a decadent, creamy caramel buttercream. It's impossible to resist!

Selection and availability vary by market.

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