Stonewall Kitchen Item of the Month - February

Stonewall Kitchen Dessert SaucesStonewall Kitchen is featuring their dessert sauces this month. Use them on cakes or brownies, on ice cream or gelato sundaes, in or on crêpes, drizzled on yogurt or fruit, poured over cheesecake...use your imagination!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Sauce What's better than chocolate and peanut butter together? Nothing. Stonewall Kitchen blends two classic favorites together to create a rich, creamy dessert sauce that's pure yummy on ice cream or as a dipping sauce for chunks of banana, pineapple, strawberry, apple or mango!

Dark Chocolate Coconut Sauce Stonewall Kitchen Dark Chocolate Coconut Sauce is a creamy, rich chocolate sauce with tropical nuances from bits of flaky coconut and coconut cream. It's a delicious, saucy version of a favorite candy bar that can be enjoyed on all of your favorite desserts.

Dark Chocolate Orange Sauce Stonewall Kitchen Dark Chocolate Orange Sauce combines citrusy orange and deep, dark chocolate. Pour it over everything from vanilla ice cream to orange sherbet (or both)!

Raspberry Liqueur Hot Fudge Sweet ripe raspberry flavor blended with chocolate is a treat as decadent as it sounds. It's especially great on raspberry cheesecake and brownies, topped with a few fresh berries to boot.

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