Ferndale Turkey (No, It's Not November Yet)

You may think of Ferndale and automatically think first of the delectable all natural birds we get from Ferndale each Thanksgiving. We think it's worth considering the great mid-summer options we have in store from one of our favorite local farm families – owner-operators of Ferndale, the Petersons of Cannon Falls, MN.

Ferdale Family on their turkey farm  Ferndale Free-Range Turkeys

Named for founders Dale and Fern Peterson, Ferndale is a company raising quality turkeys naturally: free range on the rolling hills of the Little Cannon River Valley during the warmer months and antibiotic-free all the time. The Ferndale tradition has continued for three generations, with Dale's grandson John and his wife Erica running the business alongside Dale and Fern's son Dick and his wife Martha, where they treat customers as family and care deeply for both the land and their turkeys.

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