Kitchen Tips - August 2013

  • When grilling baby bok choy, halve it through the stem and rinse it. Gently shake it dry, but allow some drops of water to cling to the leaves (the bok choy will cook more evenly due to the steam the water droplets create).
  • A melon baller or round measuring spoon works great at scooping out the ribs and seeds from a jalapeño pepper.
  • A paper egg carton can make it easy to light a charcoal grill. Pile the charcoal in the open carton, then light the edges of the box. The carton will burn evenly as it starts the coals afire.
  • A splash of soy sauce or tamari will add flavor to almost any marinade – not just Asian recipes.
  • Sliced jicama makes a crunchy, cool and gluten-free substitute for chips when scooping guacamole or hummus.

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